David-George Hamilton

I'm a python/javascript guy running Ostmodern's tech department in London

As a tech lead [not a tech lead anymore] I spend half [none] my time making things (writing code, drawing circles on whiteboards) and the other half [all] managing stuff (frowning and nodding in meetings, moving kanban tickets from one column to the other and drawings circles on whiteboards)

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The Feed™

I designed and wrote an application in python that listens to the twitter streaming API. It works out when it needs to search for images and what to search for. It ran during the superbowl and handled around 1mil tweets. It has been patented and it has won awards.

If I ever work on a better project, with better team-mates, for a better client, I've won the internet.

White-board Sessions!

Some of the most fun and innovative programming and process techniques went into this project. Here we are discussing how the Social Listener™ (patented) will post (and award winning) pictures in real-time during events like the Superbowl.

The pattern below is a graph representing the trending activity during the Celtic Barcelona game in the 2012 UCL match.

I want to make cool things


Having recently helped a student with their MA project, I've started getting into Processing. This is a simple output from the ambient noise in our kitchen. I'm loving the speed to development from idea to results.

*note to self: good idea to do an actually impressive project here and show that instead of this.

Nike / JD Sports

King of Trainers

This was such a great project for a lot of reasons. It was the 1st time I lead a team properly (with some absolutely awesome mentoring from the senior tech folks at R/GA)

we developed a mobile-first responsive website that encouraged teens to share their favourite trainers out to various social platforms and get rewarded for it. We were able to use some awesome tech like Redis to track the scoreboards we were maintaining and it ws one of the first projects in the R/GA London office to try kanban.

Having bust our balls to get this done for the Olympics, the project was pulled. ARGH HULK SMASH.

Company Makedays! *whackyface*

At the 1st R/GA Makeday in London, a cardboard Nyan Cat won.

So, we made a talking PingPong table that managed a player waiting list. you texted it when you wanted to play and it picked the next to people in line for a game.

It was completely automated and used more libraries and gadets than I have digits on my hands and feet. Our 3 minute presentation was a list of pronouns which were the names of all the involved technologies.

The ones I can remember are twilio, makeymakey, raspberry pi? (as a server), redis (as a queue), python/fabric and C-C-C-Code Igniter (I think this is the last time I’ve used Code Igniter).

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